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Real, happened in São Paulo, SP, Brazil
in 2001

It all started with a backpack

What very few people know is that my career as a Java expert started because of a backpack.

In 2001 I met with Bruno Souza and he had this awesome backpack with the Java logo shining on it. I asked him what I had to do to get a backpack like that and he said: "Easy! Just submit a presentation proposal to JavaOne and, if they approve it, they will give you a backpack".

I thought that was a crazy idea, no way they would accept my presentation at JavaOne. But, since I was working with Java for a few years already and had some pretty good work to show, I decided to risk it.

To my surprise, the presentation was accepted and I went to San Francisco to get my backpack. They scheduled my presentation to 11pm. I remember that I thought that nobody would be there at that time and my presentation would be probably cancelled. But the room was completely full and some people had to sit on the floor to watch it. I think that was one of the best presentations I ever did.

After that, the several JavaOnes I attended gave me more 10 backpacks, a Duke's Choice Award, a keynote participation with Scott McNealy, a documentary about my project and dozens of new friends. But that first backpack is still the coolest of them all.

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Real, happened in São Paulo, SP, Brazil
in 2001


Em janeiro de 2001, uma jovem São Carlense (caipira?!), recém formada em Ciências da Computação, se mudou para a capital e foi trabalhar na Accenture. Teve a bela surpresa que a empresa lhe pagaria 4 treinamentos na Sun Education, para aprender Arquitetura distribuída, EJB, Padrões e muito Java.

Foi amor a primeira vista... conheci o Vinicius, e em menos de um ano estávamos morando juntos, 2004 nos casamos e somos sócios da Globalcode até hoje. Com certeza, Java é parte da nossas vidas.

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Real, happened in Sardinia, Italy
in 2001

One Language to rule them all

During my University years, it was the 1998, I first met the Java language. And it wasn't a good experience. It was so horrible that I just promised to myself that I would never used "that crappy thing again in the future".

Around 3 years and a degree later, I got my first full-time job. Ironically, it was about Java programming. But the magic happened soon: I was so enthusiast of J2EE used in a real working context that I set myself an ambitious goal: become the best Java developer in Sardinia (my region). I have to admit that it wasn't a very humble goal, but I was young, competitive... and eager to learn.

Meanwhile, thanks to the help of some colleagues and friends, we started the JUG Sardegna, one of the first JUGs in Italy. The community and the Java evangelism activities began to consume my time, my thoughts, and I realized that it was really a good thing to do. Help other people. Help each other.

I put aside my original goal, it was a nonsense! I soon realized that the most important and rewarding thing to me wasn't to become the best, but the one of the most known and active community leaders in our country. They have been great years, with a lot of fun. And I must say I did it, at last.

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Real, happened in Sidney, Australia
January 2001


I started from a small project to sell ornamental fish in Indonesia, that I developed using Java. Later I moved to create a Java-based company, and then a non-profit to promote Java in my country. With that, I helped Java became the hottest wave in Indonesia, and I was able and change many lives by turning kids into Java developers.

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Real, happened in São Paulo, SP, Brazil
in 2002

Meu primeiro SunTechDays

Já trabalhava há alguns anos com sistemas, comecei com Cobol, depois Clipper e finalmente Delphi. No meu trabalho não tinha perspectivas de mudança.

Eu estava muito desanimada e queria mudar. Foi quando conheci Java e decidi que este seria meu futuro.

Coincidências ou não, recebi um e-mail sobre o Sun Tech Days 2002, um evento gratuito e que falava de Java! Adivinha só, eu fui mesmo sem saber nada e este foi o pontapé inicial para a virada que eu sonhava na minha vida.

Em seguida eu fiz a Academia Java na Globalcode, estudei muito, tirei certificações, ganhei experiência fazendo estágio e depois mudei de emprego.

Continuo aprendendo muita coisa, todos temos muito o que aprender na nossa área, mas o Java nos oferece muitas opções, a plataforma é extensa e rica.

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Real, happened in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
in 2002

Engaging with JUGs

Back in 2002, I started to do public presentations, usually on Delphi and Java. Traveling inside Rio Grande do Sul state, I was able to connect to lots of developers and saw a great need to have a stronger Java community, people helping around the development of new professionals and also helping on technical "upgrade" for people already in market. Java was yet too difficult or far away from people.

In mid of 2002, Mauro do Valle sent an email to the RSJUG list, searching for people to help on the community. That was a true call for me. Since then, I'm a community oriented person, always willing to help people through events, hands-on tutorials and lectures.

With RSJUG and Java Community, I've met lots of friends and people that helped me to grow professionally and as a person, learning more, listening more and being able to teach what I've learned during these years.

Java helped me to took my career to a higher level, and helped to ignite my "opensource lifestyle", helping communities to create and share knowledge.

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